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"...Bunker's Hideaway was one of the most adrenaline pumping team efforts that I have ever experienced! I had the most awesome time of my life. Great scenarios. Excellent prices -- a day well spent!..."
                                                    Darryl Hillson

"...Wow! Those scenarios were the most exciting adventures I have endured! I think I will be a regular from now on..."
                                                     Kevin Murphy

"...Being new to the sport, I found the bug at Bunker's Hideaway! They have excellent props on their fields of play; a full-out SpeedBall court and a friendly staff to top it all off. At the end of the day all you want to do is to compare stories but all I could do was to think about when I can go back..."
                                                      Willie Harten

Belleville Association of the Deaf (BAD) hosted a Paintball Tournament on Saturday May 31st 2003. We had a wonderful time at Bunkers Hideaway. We loved their awesome fields with large toys! It is really cool and we would like to go back and play paintball with them again! They got yummy hotdogs for lunch! It was a successful day for all of us. We went home with big happy smile on our face with dirty paint all over us!


Just thought I'd send you a note to let you know that my group really enjoyed our time at Bunkers Hideaway.  There were lots of games to play, and our equipment didn't foul up.  We also thought the ref's did a great job of ensuring fair play.

                                                         James Grieve

I just wanted to say thanks for the good time on Saturday, my brother and friends and myself had a great day. You guys did a great job organizing it and the refs did a great job also.
Hope to play there again soon.      
                                                           Steve Gullage

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